Esports Arena

there are many big games in arena gaming. pc games like GTA-vice city ,simulator games ,mobile games . Nowday’s  Pubg , free fire , call of duty, are most liked games among mobile gamer , in which 1 to 4 players can play together at the same time . Arena gaming requires high-end gaming pc , comfortable seating ,and frequent food and drinks .gamers can pay hourly or daily rate to access the equipment and play games with friends or compete in tournaments. This is a web based platform which focuses on play -to- earn . blockchain technology is used in it .                                                                                                                                                                                   concepts of play-to-earn : games potentially earn cryptocurrency or in games rewards by playing lot of live events . Esports gaming is a new culture . mobile games like free fire , pubg ,call of duty. It also famous in pc gaming. there is no age restriction for career in esports gaming .in India , more focus on education. But the way esports gaming is progressing today is really amazing. Gradually people’s interest is increasing in it .the presence of gaming reflex is more important in this. You can make your career in esports gaming. today 42 crore people are in India are active in gaming .today the gaming industry in India is worth 18 thousand corers . to become professional gamer gamer you need patience , practice, gaming skill.


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