About me

ABOUT US =      THE Spyragaming                                                                                                                                                                                                               My name is ritik . I run gamer site ,Because of which i have experienced many games of category like casino, Car games ,Puzzle games ,Arena games .I am studying (MBA) .That’s why i wanted to create a gaming blog and give gaming information .I have kept 4 categories in my blogging site in which i have included arena gaming , casino gaming ,puzzle gaming ,car racing gaming .I have been playing games since childhood .That’s why i wanted to share my gaming experience with interested gamers. Nowday’s games are played on mobile , pc , laptop. In today’s era , due to everything being online no one likes  play outdoor games. the interest in online gaming is increasing day by day .my favorite game is PUBG in which 100 people are playing online at one time. There is space for 4 people in which teammates can communicate or talk with each other with the help of audio system. It has 3 main programming languages- python, java , PHP. I have experienced many games. PC gaming is bit more expensive than mobile gaming .PC gaming needs to have output support. it has need situational requirements like gaming laptop , gaming keyboards .The laptop processer of the laptop should be good so that the gamer does not face lag in the game. We are confident that we provide you with our full support of the gaming platform.